Guide to Moral Living in Examples: Tax Evasion

"You're engaged to a witch," Hannah said.

"Hey, now, no need for name calling," said her brother, Hiro. "You've never liked her but try to be civil. She makes me happy."

"I'm not speaking in metaphors. She makes toads sad when she takes their croak for her spells! All those mice were using their bladders before she whisked them away into a foul concoction."

Hiro pushed himself out of the chair, the fire in the hearth flickering across his face. "You're acting just like Ma and Pa, telling me how to live my life. You were their favorite, they left you the house but they didn't hand you the other end of my leash." Hiro spat into the fire and stormed out of the room. Hannah heard the front door slam and a cold jet of air made her shiver.

She shook her head.

The fire flared for a moment and then a woman emerged out of the light. A fog of soot flowed from her clothes as she coughed. Hannah nearly overturned her chair from surprise.

"Oi, I hear what you say about me!" the woman said.

"Hiro may be head over heels in love with you, Mincy, but I know that you're a no good witch!"

"I'm a fine witch! The only problem with being a witch is people like you who act so...witchy! Stay out of our business!"

"Stay out of my house! You were eavesdropping on a conversation between a sister and her brother. This wasn't for other ears!"

They both froze as the front door opened.

"Hah, now he'll see!" Hannah said, her grin fading as she turned to look at the empty air between her and the fire.

"I'm sorry that I stormed out," Hiro said, as he came back in. Snowflakes from the blizzard glistened like jewels against his ebony hair as they melted in the firey heat.

"Mincy was just here! Right here!" Hannah said. "Look, you can see her sooty footprints!"

Hiro frowned. "I'm trying to make amends, here."

"And I'm trying to point out that - huurp," Hannah said, suddenly a small toad. "Hurp? Hurrrp!"

Hiro rushed to her side and picked her up.

"What happened?" Hiro asked, his worried face reflected in her bulging eyes.

"I took care of your sister," Mincy said, re-appearing out of the fire.

"Why? How?"

"She's right. I'm a witch. And it's for her own good."

"That's not for you to-"

He was interrupted by a loud slamming noise of the door being knocked from its hinges with a battering ram.

"Everybody on the floor!" yelled an armor-clad police officer, pointing his gun at Hiro as other officers poured into the room, treading snow and ice all over the carpet.

The police swept through the house, and after they'd secured it, an officer approached Hiro.

"Are you Hiro Smith?"

"Y-yes," Hiro answered.

"The brother of Hannah Smith?"


"Do you know where your sister is?"

Mincy was sitting in a chair several feet away, but he felt a sensation on his shin like someone kicking it.

"No," Hiro answered.

"Because we have a warrant for her arrest. Tax evasion related to inheritance of your parents' estate."

The Moral: you're going to be more worried about keeping a rug free of soot and ice if you still have to pay taxes on it.

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