Guide to Moral Living in Examples: Run-on Sentences

We entered the atmosphere of Sol-3 it is very dense the heat begins to climb the loophirc reports over 630,000 therms but we're undeterred for the sake of science as we plunge closer and closer to the surface we see artificial lighting we've made impact,

a bipedal species approaches us with long ceremonial sticks they push at us when we seize them with our appendages they erupt with a cacophonous musical note and eject pieces of metal we only assume that they are similar to the welcome ritual on our own world,

when we embrace them in a traditional display of friendship they emit high-pitched vocalizations confirming that their welcoming ceremony reflects our own very closely and we have made a note to keep an oculus open for further signs of cultural overlap,

now more of these creatures arrive in vehicles topped with flashing lights and smaller ceremonial sticks and so we assume that they are higher-ranking in their society just as our own Prime Ministers carry smaller fjnoords than our soldiers but the difference is in size not type,

more noise more yelling more fanfare and we are now sure that this species greets us as friends so we begin embracing the new arrivals as formally as we know how utilizing all six dozen appendages,

they run off into the woods while we wait patiently near our ship,

we begin considering names for the new species and settle on Groo because it means "bipedal species that resembles us and our rituals except they have less appendages" and we hold a vote and it is decided,

more Groo arrive in vehicles lacking ceremonial lighting but their fjnoords are bigger and so we perceive their acceptance of us as friendly beings especially once the new fjnoords begin to bellow and spray more hot metal,

we embrace and our bonds tighten further,

that set of Groo run into the woods while vocalizing and we continue to make notes on their greeting rituals,

another set of Groo arrive in more vehicles and so we conduct an experiment by vocalizing and running off into the woods,

the Groo do not pursue us just as we did not pursue them and so we believe that we have correctly judged their greeting ritual,

the Groo follow us and they do not vocalize as vigorously as the others when we embrace them and so we begin to analyze what we did wrong,

we try embracing them harder but instead of a vocalization we hear a grunt and then the Groo stops making any vocalizations and we begin to apologize,

the Groo begin yelling again and run off into the woods and so we believe that we have successfully apologized,

more Groo with the ceremonial sticks and so we congratulate one another on our excellent xenocultural improvisational skills and press several of our appendages together in a traditional celebration of success,

we notice that the Groo pay attention to this and so we offer appendages to them,

they press appendages with us and we record a successful cultural exchange,

another set of Groo arrive and press appendages and then begin mimicking various actions that we begin to understand to be eating and breathing,

then they show us symbols that represent mathematical concepts,

and then they introduce their language and after we grasp the basic concepts they ask us to record our day,

they tell us that we do not understand correct punctuation but we did not come one billion blook-years only to have our intelligence insulted so

The Moral: 9 out of 10 xenolinguists agree that prescriptive grammar makes enemies

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