Happy Birthday to the Guide to Moral Living in Examples!

Just over a year ago, I posted a little story about banana peels. It began as a modest way to keep myself honest, writing-wise. I have a lot of small ideas that are mostly too weird to be woven into a proper story, I thought, so why not write them down as one-offs? So began the Guide to Moral Living in Examples, now a bit over a year old.

The seeds of the Guide to Moral Living in Examples were sown within the proto-Moral A Preventable Tragedy, proving to me two things: one, writing about monsters was fun; two, that I didn't need a plot if I had some monsters. In some sense I re-made the wheel, because it had already worked for the X-Files.

One-offs turned into Monday/Wednesday/Friday-offs. Then it became a regular thing to do. The week at the beginning of September, when I stumbled in my updates while I moved across the country, made me feel crappy in a totally different way than missing a day or two of writing normally did. In the old paradigm, I disappointed myself. In the new one, I had bored readers who would sit at their desks or on the train, wailing and gnashing their teeth as the hours ticked by without an update.

Eventually, these readers formed a suicide pact and by time that I was able to return to regularly-scheduled updates, they had all killed themselves with papercuts (although one intrepid reader, still alive but now destitute, dropped iPhone after iPhone into the bath with him). Now I have a ring of ghosts reminding me to get crackin'.

I would like to say thank you to those of you who are alive or dead, destitute or imbued with the power of dozens of iPhones, man or wolfman, woman or merwoman, who have taken the time to share these stories with me. It means more to me than I could express with dozens of Morals.

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