Freedom Beer

Freedom Beer

"Did you think that I'd be stupid enough to rob a liquor store with only one weapon?"

The robber reached into his jacket and tried to pull a gun clear of his shoulder holster. Hank stuck a hand into the robber's jacket to keep it in place.

"This is a nice jacket," Hank said, glaring at the man who was trying to kill him.

"Do you like it? I stole it!"

Out of the corner of his eye, Hank saw a stack of boxes that he'd brought in earlier. They bore the label "Saint Secaire Tonguekicker Spiced Wine."

Hank wanted to investigate their contents, so he swung the robber into the boxes like a ragdoll wrecking ball.

A fist arrives without any preamble.

And Hank Rockjaw tags along behind it.

Have villains got you down? Have their henchmen run roughshod all over your azaleas? Have their schemes ruined your anniversary dinner when the restaurant had to cancel your reservation due to a gigantic robotic mole burrowing through its foundations? Have they cut you off in traffic and honked while doing so?

Hank Rockjaw shares your pain.

Who is gunning for Hank and the brewery that's been in his family for generations? Who is behind the mysterious Saint Secaire Brewery? Is it Josh, former sweatshop owner and former punch recipient, trying to exact his revenge on Hank for ending his exploitative business? Or is it Zelphia Dipthong, Josh's enigmatic attorney, who arrives unannounced at his home? Or one of the other devious criminals from Hank's past?

And why is this book cover so fucking awesome?

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