Codex Nekromantia: Section 35

"If Emblem became a zombie," Casimir said, "then he couldn't have driven a car."

"Exactly," Amy said. She looked to be on the verge of tears. Dominic patted her shoulder. "Emblem wouldn't become a zombie. He'd never let it happen."

"I don't think that it's exactly a choice," John said.

Amy shot him an angry glare. Dominic caught John's eye and shook his head.

"For most people, maybe," Amy said, "but Emblem's different. If there's any chance at all, he'd fight it. Even Casimir could resist it, for christ's sake."

Casimir took a deep breath and continued staring at the empty parking spot. Dominic cruised over the insult.

"Casimir makes a good point. If he had been a zombie, he couldn't have taken the car. But then where'd he go? You made it sound like he couldn't have survived his injuries," Dominic said.

"A bullet right through the head," Casimir said. "I saw it. An expert shot. It would have taken a miracle for him to live long enough to hit the ground, let alone long enough to drag himself away."

"Could it have been a thief?" John asked.

"The only survivors that we know of were at the Museum and the snipers in the dorm. Some of them are no longer survivors," Casimir added.

"But that doesn't rule it out," Amy said.

"It doesn't really change anything for me," Casimir said, turning back towards the others. "You three were going to take the car anyway. It's going to be getting dark soon, and more dangerous. You should head back to the Museum. I have go find Jane."

"Splitting up isn't a very good idea," John said.

"But Casimir's right," Amy said. "We need to head back to the Museum."

Dominic looked at John, who returned the glance.

"Look, sis, we think it might make more sense to stick together..." Dominic said, already wincing.

"That's the stupidest fucking thing that I've ever heard," she said. "Aunt Ivy is at the Museum. It's barricaded. It's safe. The rest of the city is a death trap."

"Exactly," John said. "I think we should all head back to safety and wait for first light."

"That's not what I meant," Casimir said. "I need to go get her, and I am not taking the rest of you with me. Recall that I've already been bitten. I'm like a steak that somebody's nibbled and put back into the buffet. I'll be safe until the last other scrap of food is gone."

"Right, Casimir's able to kill zombies with a touch, he'll be fine. The rest of us don't have that luxury," Amy said.

"Casimir, please, come with us. Jane will be fine until tomorrow," John pleaded.

"She needs me," Casimir said. "Last night I got a call that she'd left me to be with you. Then we cross paths and you tell me the opposite. It was like none of this zombie shit had happened. I could get her back. I love her. I'm her night in mucky armor."

"That's pretty fucking romantic," John said. He turned away and sniffled.

"Amy, we need to stay with Casimir. As long as we're with him, we cannot be surrounded, engulfed or otherwise overrun, thanks to that magic hand," Dominic said. "Besides, he came to rescue us. We have to return the favor."

"We'd be safe. We have weapons," Amy retorted.

"Sure, but where we have javelins he has a nuclear bomb," Dominic said.

"It's a terrible idea and we're just not going to do it," Amy said.

Dominic crossed his arms over his chest. Casimir suspected that an out-of-control train would bounce off of that wall of muscle like a racquetball.

"Amy, I really hate to do this," Dominic said, glaring at Amy, "but I have to invoke my authority. I'm older, and I say that we stick with Casimir."

Amy and Dominic stared daggers at each other.

John decided to be suicidal.

"Aren't you twins?" he asked.

Nobody answered.

Casimir rolled his eyes and walked away.

"Where are you going?" Amy called, not breaking eye contact with her brother.

"To the movies. Where do you think?" Casimir asked, not breaking stride.

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