Codex Nekromantia

Codex Nekromantia

The man swayed for a moment, then focused his bloodshot eyes on Casimir. He didn't look friendly.

"Don't shoot me," Casimir said, "I'm not a zombie."

The man quickly loaded two more shells into the shotgun and snapped it shut, pointing it directly at Casimir's face. Casimir smelled the burnt tang of gunpowder as the residual smoke went up his nostrils.

"Don't move," the man commanded.

"I won't," Casimir said and, fueled by alcoholic courage, he turned and bolted.

Well, shit. A pair of necromancers have freed the dread necromancer Arkephalous from his prison. While Arkephalous works to restore his undead empire to its former semi-rotten glory by unleashing a zombie plague upon the city of Constantinople, Illinois, a band of survivors match their wits with the brainless undead.

The survivors include a sandwich craftsman with a bitten hand and a broken heart, an incorrigible addict with too much blood in his drug stream, and the three hundred year old founder of the city, whose exploits include being responsible for the extinction of the chupacabra north of the Rio Grande.

Greg X. Graves tells the story of life, love, necromancy, the fragile human condition when caught between the jaws of a very robust inhuman condition, and wholesale zombie slaughter.

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