Werewolf in a Miata

Curtis is a werewolf. He spent the day driving around in his Miata with the top down. The full moon is about to rise and the convertible roof is stuck. How could things get any worse?

A bank robber could take him hostage.


Freedom Beer

A fist arrives without any preamble. And Hank Rockjaw tags along behind it.

Who is gunning for the brewery that has been in Hank Rockjaw's family for generations? Who is behind the mysterious Saint Secaire Brewery that is stealing his recipes?


Codex Nekromantia

Well, shit. A pair of necromancers have released the dread necromancer Arkephalous from his prison.

While Arkephalous unleashes a zombie plague upon the metropolis of Constantinople, Illinois, a band of survivors matches wits with the brainless undead.


Bears, Recycling and Confusing Time Paradoxes

You've enjoy the Guide to Moral Living in Examples on the web, now enjoy it as a published anthology!

Learn what to do when faced with common moral conundrums, like being abducted by aliens or attacked by drainmen.


It Goes Like This

A journalist interviews a mad scientist.


Urgoth the Defiler

The first appearance of that ancient and loveable evil, Urgoth the Defiler.


Urgoth the Defiler 2: Deuce Ex Machina

The second appearance of Urgoth, this time helping to untangle the mysteries of love.



Robots demand batteries.


Stluka Island

An Antarctic expedition gone wrong and zombie penguins